Friday, November 27, 2020

Minnie's first Thanksgiving

We started the day with mandatory crafts:

Since the pandemic began. we have clearly let Dorothy go feral.
Minnie wore Dorothy's Thanksgiving dress

We middled the day with crafts as well.

We Zoomed with family
Used a baby nose sucker as a turkey thermometer (UNUSED AS A NOSE SUCKER I feel compelled to explain).
Dorothy made a turkey hat for Min.
More Zoom!

Nailed the camera timer I must say
I loved these Target placemats so much.

Also Cooper's art.

Clearly hand turkeys were mandatory.
We ended the night with Minnie's first family movie night-- Home Alone.
We missed everyone, of course, but the food was great. I got mildly drunk on champagne at 3 pm. My cheesecake was perfect. What more could we ask for??

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