Monday, November 02, 2020


 It was not the candy free-for-all we are used to, but Halloween was wonderful.

The boys watched Blair Witch, Halloween, and Scream. We had a neighborhood parade. The kids trick-or-treated every room in our house, and we had our neighbors over for an outdoor movie. We watched Witches-- the new one. I still like the old one better, but the kids loved it, and I made slow-cooker hot chocolate, which I hear was yummy. I would nor know because I CANNOT EAT CHOCOLATE. So, I have had ZERO ZERO ZERO Halloween candy, which is not like me at all. AT ALL.

This baby is not sure what Halloween is all about.

Getting ready to be a beautiful rainbow butterfly
Ben popped down to the basement to watch Scream with the kids 
Dorothy directed my makeup application
She was thrilled with the results.
Larry Byrd, Alexander Hamilton, an astronaut, a butterfly, and a banana
I laughed very time I looked at this kid. But I was worried about an errant gust of wind for sure.
A bemused banana. I am a person who wears sweatpants as my for serious pants.
A banana and an astronaut holding hands.

I LOVE Halloween so much and can't wait to see a fat little Minnie ringing doorbells and eating candy bars,

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