Monday, November 16, 2020

Happy Monday!

 I have started waking up before the kids again to drink coffee and read or do work, and I love it. 

BUT I have only read 2 books this month, and my eating is... um... well. The good  news is I am tired of feeling gross and stretched out, so that's a good sign. I sold Minnie's bassinet on Facebook Marketplace, and I am keeping her drawers up-to-date size wise and would sell baby clothes, too, if I could stomach that. We are moving out of the fourth trimester, is what I am saying.

Minnie is small (3-6 months clothes don't quote fit yet) but so delightfully chubby.  She's very serious most of the time, but Ben continues to be the funniest person she knows. I mostly dress her in her own clothes because she and baby Dorothy are not the same season, but I also cannot resist stuffing her in a few of Cooper's greatest hits, like the manjamas below. She's a very tolerant baby, content to be snuggled up in a carrier or someone's arms and observe her crazy family. but I do wish she were better about sleep[ing through our general noise.

OK-- it's 7 and the kids are up. TIME FOR THE BREAKFAST GAUNTLET.

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