Friday, November 06, 2020

Early dismissal from school today-- what does that even mean anymore?

 I am a genius because we wanted to start our Christmas countdown the day after Halloween (so basic-- I know), but our cute little gnome only really has the correctly arranged numbers for December. SO I BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE. Bam! 49 days today, in case you are wondering.

Watching election returns.
She new queen of the puke and rally.
SHE IS THE SWEETEST BABY IN THE WORLD. Also, I would like to wake up, eat a light breakfast, and immediately go back to sleep.  Just saying.
Also queen of the pattern mix.
The game Win the Whitehouse from is WONDERFUL if you have kids interested in the election. Both Cooper and Jack love it, so there's a big age spread.
More election returns. WHY AM I SO SPARKLY?
I love the look on her fat little face.

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