Thursday, November 19, 2020

Ugh, I am so slothy

 I have so many kids I need to make a spreadsheet to keep track of holiday shipments.  So, that's happening.  I know I say this every year, but dang. Hanukkah has a lot of nights.

Yesterday on Happier, Gretchen Rubin said that upholders (that's my tendency-- take the quiz to find yours out if you haven't already) can fail when they set low expectations for themselves, and I feel like that is me right now. I am a total slob everyday. I am eating like crap. I have abandoned yoga even though I am pretty sure it would make me feel good. I never read anymore because I am constantly lost in the social media scroll. G A H. Usually, what happens is I just naturally stop wanting to do those things and get back to a productive life because that's what feels good. BUT WHO KNOWS. The thing is, I am meeting the super low postpartum bar I have set for myself, so I sort of feel satisfied.

Make this recipe, sub eggs with applesauce, and add a streusel topping. YOU WON'T BE SORRY.

Morning snuggle. I do breakfast withe big kids because I am HUNGRY in the am, and Ben makes the ultimate sacrifice to sleep with Minnie, who charmingly does not wake up until 8.
Office hours!
She got her chin stuck in the ball.
For quite awhile.
Pre-dinner walk. This little pond is right down the street, and we just discovered it. Also the backs of these houses are fab!
I knew that she should not fall asleep right before bed time, and yet, I really wanted a shower, so:

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