Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Project crib is starting to bug me.

You guys!! SHE CAN PLAY!!

And! She dropped her dragon toy and LOOKED FOR IT. Object permanence!  But then I disappeared behind the shower curtain and she thought I was gone forever and cried and cried. So.
Our sweet friend got Minnie a bunch of clothes, and she made sure to buy bigger sizes, and it has been SO NICE to have 6 month clothes ready to go!!
These are some of my favorite PJs of baby Dorothy's. Also Minnie is waaaaay into eating her sweet little fingers.
Oh, Jack. He is the absolute funniest and nicest big brother ever, Also, I look forward each morning to fluffing up my nighttime bun for daytime use.

 Project crib is SCREWING ME big time. Minnie generally naps ok in there (and she can roll from tummy to back, so I would put her on her tummy if I could figure out how to do it without waking her all the way up). On her back, she flails her arms and wakes herself up RIGHT AWAY. Especially at night, even if I hold her 90 minutes and make sure she is deeply, deeply asleep. Then she treats her crib sojourn as a refreshing nap and is up until 11. If I skip the crib, she will fall asleep at 8 in my arms and stay asleep until 2am-- in my arms the whole time.


(I have even gone back to a swaddle, but she yanks her arm out so she can smack herself in the face with it).

(I bought this amazing white noise machine to drown out the kids, and it's pretty great, I must say.)

We have a great routine, tho-- lavender bath, book, white noise, snuggles, and I do a modified version for naps. I think that all of that matters less than who a baby is, you know? Baby Cooper slept 10 hours overnight.  Baby Dorothy was a robot. Baby Jack cried for 4 hours every night and then slept like a champ. Baby Harry-- I don't know-- we were such bad parents that we overrode nature. Baby Minnie is a wonderful cuddler, so that's a point in her favor.  LOTS of points, really.

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  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    We had the same issue with our youngest. We found the zipadee zip .. It was a lifesaver - for me! She slept in them until she was almost a year.