Friday, November 20, 2020

Baby sleep

Baby sleep. Specifically, how to get more of it.
Look at those tired eyes.

 As you can see above, she is a very consistent sleeper with tons of micronaps and a really late bedtime. Here's the problem: She doesn't really go to bed early. 

The best case scenario is that I get myself ready for bed first, start her routine at 7:45 and HOLD HER until 7 am. Then I get up, and she sleeps until 8. That's what's represented by the first night on the graph.

The second night, she fell asleep late, took a 25-min nap, and then stayed up until 10:30.

Last night-- not graphed yet-- we put her to bed a little before 7. She slept until 8 and was up until 10. BAH.

Any ideas?

Start  her in the crib at 6:45-7 / enjoy the break and then hang with her? (last night-- totally fine but she was waaaay crabby and hated me on my laptop, so no catching up on work, but a pleasant time with beatrix and ben).

Start her in crib and devote the time after she wakes to sitting in dark getting her back to sleep" (will she go? will Ben and I ever hang again?) 

Hold her from 8-7? (love this to be honest, but Dorothy needs me to be a little present at bedtime or she turns into Rhoda Penmark. Minnie needs me to sit still and be quiet; only my arms are soporific.)

Another scenario?

I am not tired-- just want to maximize Minnie's sleep and my evenings.


  1. Hold her. You won't regret it. Especially if you aren't tired. Once you start suffering,then decide to switch it up.

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