Saturday, November 28, 2020

It's beginning to look a lot like...

 Our Christmas tree farm was awesome. They had TONS of staff working (all masked, natch), and they set up an outdoor pay station. We were in and out with a tree, a tiny tree, and a bunch of branches in less than 15 minutes. AND IT WAS STILL MERRY AF.

Also merry
I LOVE these antique ornaments from Ben's fmaily
Harry can reach the whole tree!
More antique ornaments
I got a teeny tree for the front door. I don;t know why. I guess the better question is WHY NOT?
The kids hung these ornaments for Beatrix (the ball says world's greatest dog)
The Santa pics are my forever favorite.
Also the hallway is darling, and of course I WISH WE HAD A FIRE PLACE.
We got a pre-cut tree and still did not notice the weird scraggly side util we got it home.

I love needle-sweeping season!!

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