Saturday, March 02, 2019

Back to Work Week 6

This week I

  • Stayed completely caught up with grading
  • Completely prepped next week
  • Met with lots of students in office hours
  • Drove all the heck over town for at least 2 hours every night after school to single-handedly get all of the children to all of their activities, including hockey for Cooper which meant I had to spend way more time kneeling in a stinky locker room touching skate laces that have dragged god knows where than I otherwise would have liked
  • Remembered that I signed Cooper and Jack up for an awesome library class and actually got them to there
  • Did yoga EVERY MORNING! This is huge, and I feel totally awesome about it
  • Cleaned the bedrooms twice, with dusting and also vacuuming and also cleaned the living room mid-week
  • Volunteered in 2/4 classrooms and sent in snacks for Dr. Seuss's birthday
  • Assembled all of the things for Dorothy's Pokemon birthday party (still need to grab the cake and balloons)
  • Planned and found a location for Ben's 40th birthday party next month
  • Had a day date with Ben and a day date with Harry
  • Got acupuncture
  • Sorted out a giant and ridiculous insurance mess

This week I did not

  • Write anything creative any day
  • Work on the giant class prep I am dealing with for fall
  • Make any headway on planning the speech camp I am directing this summer
  • Find the joy in the everyday-- I was pretty stressed out and put upon most of the week, and this sucks because I cannot change the amount of shit I have to slog through solo, but I can change how I act about the slog.  Case in point: meals this week, which you will have to wait to read about tomorrow. I KNOW YOU CANNOT WAIT.
Next week, I want to keep up with the maintenance cleaning-- especially since this weekend is a giant mess, and I have no idea when I will be able to actually clean the damn house.  I also want to continue the everyday yoga because it makes me feel so good.  Finally, I need to address the larger work projects on my plate as well as my creative writing projects.  THAT'S A LOT.

Speaking of day dates (I write the best transitions), would you like to see some pics?

Here's me and Ben going out for fancy pizza mid-day:

And then!  Harry didn't have school on Friday,. so after I taught in the morning (and Harry came with me to class and LOVED IT), he and I met Ben downtown to see Ben;'s new office and celebrate Harry's winning of his school speech contest and advancement to the district competition.

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