Monday, March 11, 2019

Really, I shouldn't complain

Also, speaking of hair.  YOU GUYS.  I think I might be balding.

As soon as I got my hair dyed back to its normal color and cut it to my shoulders and started parting it down the middle, it looked so thin on top.

 I have switched back to the side part and added thickening products and stopped coloring it and it's finally long enough for a bun again, so I can at least hide the thin spots in back and on the top.  ON THE TOP OF MY DAMN HEAD.

My doctor thinks it's growing back and maybe my extreme bun-wearing is to blame.  **shrug?** Is this a thing?  Maybe?  I was piling it on top of my head and when I would wash it, it would be full of knots, and I would fill the drain with my very own voodoo hair doll.

  But my goodness it has really freaked me out.  Not only is it thin on the very top, but I have a ridiculous part in the back that's getting wider. I think it is a normal thing and that I have had it for awhile and I never used to stare at the back of my head the way I do now, but I am obsessed.  (You can actually see it in this clip, and this was before I thought I was balding or got my hair cut).

So, my hair got me thinking about other things I complain about but should enjoy, which boils down to my life in general.

I mean, office hours in coffee shops.
 This view when I leave meetings.
What right do I even have to complain?

I am afraid that I walk through my days thinking about all of the things are are or could be wrong instead of noticing the things that are already ok, you know?


  1. I hear you on the balding :-( Also feel like my hair is getting somewhat thin on top (I'm 37). Haven't screwed up the courage to ask a doctor about it yet. One tip - I got the Color Wow touch up product to cover gray, but for me it's turned out to be handier as a scalp cover up to make the thin spots less apparent.

  2. Navy Hair products! They are pricey but actually are magical for hair strengthening and regrowth!