Friday, March 08, 2019

Things I bought online this week:


I cannot stop buying all of the things.  And! I am buying dumb shit.  Like really dumb.  Like, I DO NOT NEED THE STUFF and also, I am not buying the things I do need.  LIKE CLOTHES.  I need to stop buying so much food and junk and subscribe to Stitch Fix again or something.  So, in the meantime, I am going to post all the random crap I buy in the hopes that I will stop buying it.

  • A mega pack of thank you notes (actually, I stand by these-- who doesn't need them?)
  • Oprah magazine and also Real Simple (A student was giving a presentation on magazines and one click led to another)
  • Gretchen Rubin's new book (a total impulse buy when I saw someone post a screenshot of it on Insta.  I for sure could have waited for it to come in from the library.  Damn one-swipe buy setting)
  • Two dresses at Gap for Dorothy that she probably won't even like (you guys!  The Gap is just giving its stuff away, and I am powerless to resist)
  • Jack's birthday party (a necessary purchase, I know)
  • The American Girl doll of the year and a bunch of her stuff, including a stuffed pig (Dorothy's birthday, but still.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEEEEEEE)

I need to buy Ben a birthday gift.  And also Jack.  And get my Frye boots resoled.  And I am out of face masks.  THE LIST IS ENDLESSSSSSSSSS.

Apropos of nothing, Hillary Clinton, ruling Dorothy's bedroom from the balcony of Elsa's castle:

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