Thursday, March 14, 2019

Things I bought online this week

Well, since we talked last, I bought

  • Ben a new wedding ring for his birthday to replace the one he lost a million months a ago.  7 months?  8?
  • 2 new pairs of shoes for Ben's bday (although, to be fair, I largely slept on the couch while he ordered these)
  • Window markers that I had to overnight so they would get to me in time to decorate my car for Harry's state hockey tournament.  And also, the lines at the carwash have been longer than I can stand ever since, so my car is still decorated.
  • An American flag lapel pin  for Harry's speech contest today
  • A giant allen wrench to restart the garbage disposal-- we used to have one but someone probably threw it away (I think it was me, you guys).  The disposal stopped working monetarily this week, and I started crying because our shower faucet also broke and then, you know, THE KIDS SPRAY PAINTED THE DRIVEWAY, and it just seemed like there were a lot of home repairs going on.  But!  Then!  I just sort of dislodged a wad of soggy pretzels from the blades and threw some ice cubes in the sink and voila!  But still, an extra hex key to be on the safe side.
  • A book for the book club I have been slacking on.  One of the book clubs I have been slacking on.
This is a long list for a week, sure, but there was SO MUCH OTHER STUFF I wanted to buy and did not because I knew I was tracking my purchases.  So, progress?

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  1. I JUST thought of this so I haven’t done it yet, but how smart would it be to duct tape that extra hex key to the garbage disposal?!?! That may be my one brilliant life hack!