Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dorothy's 6th Birthday!

Dorothy got an early start to her birthday, opening gifts from my parents on Pi Day:

She loved this girl/doll PJ set and has worn it for a solid week.

The Ben/Dorothy birthday week is A LOT OF BAKING.
I was totally satisfied with how this cake turned out and planned to write Dorothy's name on it with white frosting and call it a day.  But then!  She insisted that her vision was a yellow star cake WITH A FACE ON IT.
I turned my back for ONE MINUTE
School cupcakes:
Birthday morning table
The boys happily danced to the conga line card they chose for Dorothy
I just now noticed that she's standing on her chair-- she's tiny.
She loved her new doll so much that she ripped the nightgown that matches the one she's wearing off of her next-newest doll and out it on this one, leaving the other doll face down on her bedroom floor.  Them's the breaks.
Happy birthdaaaaaaay!
Doll and pig, natch.
She got right to work playing
So did he.
She wore her favorite costume to school
(This is not how I like to leave the house and go to work, but what are you going to do?)
The cake got delightfully creepier every time we cut a piece.
Here he is before the massacre:
Birthday girl picked the family movie night film, and BOY WAS IT TERRIBLE. (But she liked it)
Cooper the creeper:
It was a pretty fantastic 6th birthday, and she was delighted all day long.  Now we have less than a month to prepare for Jack's 11th!

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