Monday, March 04, 2019

Badger B-Ball Date with Jack

When a neighbor asked me if anyone at our house could use her parents really excellent basketball tickets the other night, I did not even hesitate for a second before saying YES, PLEASE.  jack and I were at that game faster than you could say Harry-can-I-borrow-a-sweatshirt.

The seats were amazing.  We went out for greasy burgers first, and the only thing I didn't like about the whole night was that our seats were on the end, and I didn't know it and had to climb over 16 annoyed strangers first.  We even found parking in my garage!  And Jack didn't care that I wanted to leave early to beat the end-of-game rush!  He's an excellent date, and I am just crossing those new year's resolutions right off the list.

The view from our seats:
 Can you sport the U of I fan in a bear suit?  Can you tell me why the hell he's wearing one?
 Date night!

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