Thursday, March 28, 2019

Kid Spring Break Mon-Wed

This is Dorothy and me pretending to be flamingoes at the zoo yesterday.  I have no idea why this picture uploaded first (see: things I have been typing on Blogger since 2005).
 Love this whole look:
 All dressed up to hit The Little Gym for camp on Monday morning so I could go to a meeting.
 God bless The Little Gym.
 After camp, we had lunch and then went downtown for ice cream!
 And a few Buckies
 And then, on the way home, some minigolf.
 Tuesday donned bright and early for another camp day
 Which meant a little work time for me (BUT NOT ENOUGH.  NEVER ENOUGH).

 We sepnt Tuesday afternoon swimming

 Spring feet!
 And seeing Captain Marvel, which we all loved!
 On Wednesday, we hit the town, stopping at our modern art museum for an exhibit of kiddie art
 and heading to the Capitol to go out on the observation deck. Which was still closed for the season.  Booooooo.
 But our enthusiasm did not wane.

 We have been trapped inside for so long that we can amuse ourselves endlessly just by jumping off stuff.

 A CANDY STORE?!  You know what they say about kids in a candy store.
 (Did I mention we ran into my brother and nephew?  Well, we did, and Henry came with us to the zoo!!)

 HOW COULD I FORGET the highlight of the day?!  Breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon!

Two more days left?  Will we survive?  Or will the stress of not having any childcare and my partner's non-negotiable work schedule do me in?

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