Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Unsolicited advice:

1.  When in doubt, always go on the date.  (Ben and I were on the fence about playing trivia last week because it was cold and dark and we haven't been sleeping well and Harry had a bunch of homework.  But we went and then Jack helped Harry with his homework (about A Wrinkle in Time, one of his favorite books), and all was good.

2.  WEAR IT.  I spend so much time wearing old stuff and keeping new stuff barely worn or not worn at all, and what is the point of that?!?  YOLO, etc etc etc

3.  Call old friends.  Like, on the phone.  Hear their voices.  I have been doing this lately, and I love it,.  I also love that I have 2 friends from grade school/high school who can call apropos of nothing, and it's like we JUST passed each other a note in the hallway.

4.  Remember, you can't control other people's behavior, not even your kids'.  But you know what?  You CAN control how you react to other people, so figure out what you need to be happy.

5.  Lunch dates.  Make them.  I think this one is self explanatory.

6.  If you have a pet, PET THEM. A few weeks ago, I realized I wasn't petting Beatrix very often, and I fixed this right away, and you know what?  I think we are both happier.

Harry and Jack, post homework sesh.  I think our going out made them happier, too:

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