Monday, March 18, 2019

Ben''s 40th birthday!

I think we should take a step back into last week and talk about Ben's 40th birthday-- what do you say? It started with cupcakes to take to work and a chocolate cake that we ate after dinner instead of for breakfast, which the kids thought was SO WERID.
I have a long tradition of making Ben the same ugly chocolate cake, which tastes better than it looks.
We met for lunch downtown at our very favorite sushi place
And ordered edamame and seaweed salad and about 3 rolls too many.
And!  Can I just say? Working downtown together is so great for date lunches!

I did the after school activity shuffle and then we met at our fsvorite birthday bar

Which was about as fun as this picture looks.
Dessert prep!
Ha!  There were so many candles they MELTED before he could blow them out.
A wonderful toast to end the night.  I love champagne on a school night.
There you have it-- a totally low key and delightful day.  Stay tuned for Ben's birthday party, coming next month.

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