Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Big kids are fun

I felt a little teary when Dorothy's teacher (three of our kids have had this teacher and she's so wonderful and there's no one coming up next to be in her class, and this is tragic) took this picture of us at my last kindergarten 100-day store.
 It's hard to handle the fact that my kids are KIDS now-- no more babies in this house.

But, you know what?  Having big kids is pretty great.

Big kids coach their little brothers' hockey teams.
 They help make dinner.
 They are excellent companions
 They love doing homework in coffee shops.
 And?  They are still little enough to wear school-made crowns all day
 Even while actually HAVIG FUN eating a late dinner in a crowded restaurant.
We are definitely in a parenting sweet spot, and it's really fund when we remember to enjoy it.

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