Tuesday, November 15, 2022

What a weekend!


My brother and his partner and my mom and her boyfriend all came to town to celebrate Jon's 39th bday and my mom's milestone 70th We mostly stayed up too late eating carrot cake and playing board games, and it was so much fun. I am bloated and exhausted today, though.

Thanks to Blogger AS ALWAYS for photos that upload RANDOMLY.


Look how fast she’s running

Bonus: Everyone got to see Jack perform in Macbeth, the high school fall play

Best cake ever. Thankfully there were 2.

Minnie was so excited to see snow, she volunteered to wear a coat. WHAT!

Caleb worked hard on his placemat

Pensive Minnie

Going to see then play!

Beatrix forgot how old she is

Playing catch like princesses do


A raucous game during dinner


My mom’s boyfriend brought everyone insulated cups, and jack whipped out the label maker.

A very intense game of Ticket to Ride



Timer hijinks

We learned how to play Wingspan after cocktails, and Ben ate his bird food

LOL, again.

I heart friend Mac and cheese, and it hearts me back, apparently.

Minnie kept up the dinner chit chat


Every day we’re puzzling

More chaos

Shhhhhhh, she’s hiding.

Cake prep— lots of candles

Make a wish!

Cooper takes a break from brushing his hair on the weekends

Big girl!

Happy birthday!

Another cheese


More chaos

An excellent placemat

So proud of my thespian

Curtain call


  1. What a great weekend. It looks like so much fun and I'm drooling over here - very jealous of your cakes!

  2. Love it all. Carrot cake is just SO good. I haven't made one in ages? You're giving me a great idea for next week when my father-in-law comes to visit.
    Your coat and top are ADORABLE in the "going-to-see-the-play" outfit.
    And I love how you have such a great big group of people playing games. Such great memories for the whole family <3

  3. Awww, that made me smile - what a fun-filled family weekend :)

  4. Lovely pictures. Looks like a fantastic family weekend