Saturday, November 19, 2022

November Goals Check in and December Goals


This dark chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joe is the world’s perfect food, and it is my sincere hope that I will enjoy every single Joe Joe I eat this month. Which means, of course, that I cannot eat so many that I start to feel bad- or bad about myself.

That’s it. 

That’s my December goal: cherish this season.

These are the happy golden days of yore, and I only have 2 more holiday seasons— this one and next year— with all of my chickens in the nest.

November has been a mixed bag, friends. I am going to check in on my goals now because I am doing absolutely NOTHING productive between now and 12/1 except maybe taking another photo for our holiday card.

 I sure did order matching Disney shirts and I planned a theme for us to wear on day 2. I also have a coupon for holiday cards, and I sure did buy fam jams. Absolutely did not fill everyone’s stockings, but did cross one mostly off. Stopped using my gratitude journal entirely. Did some yoga. I did walk for 20 mins when I worked on campus, and that has been lovely. I am going to challenge myself to keep it up all winter. Minnie and I did play outside most days, but some days the weather was too much for me. I know I need to toughen up on this front. I haven’t fallen back in love with nighttime tea, but I have been drinking cocoa LOL. So, that’s 3/9 …


  1. Cherish the season! Every year I try to make things slightly more streamlined, slightly more simplified...because at the end of the day, what we all seem to enjoy the most is the time we spend as a family/the food we eat. Last year I was very frazzled: company visiting, a sick kid, in the middle of a horrible bout on insomnia. I'm taking a different approach this year; trying to slow down just a bit because it really is my favourite time of the year and before I know it...the kids will be grown! These are precious days (exhausting, but precious).

  2. I love your December goal- I think I'm going to copy you. My oldest is in college now and it's hard. So enjoy every single second!

  3. I'd say you nailed your December goal. This should be anyone's only goal in December: cherish the season! And eat Joe Joes! ;)

  4. Cherish the seasons. I am there with you. But I am so so unprepared... nothing is decorated and Sunday is the first of Advent...