Friday, November 18, 2022

5 on a Friday: A Minnie-centric Edition

 As if this whole blog isn’t Minnie-centric, huh? I was combing through my archives to line up some posts for when we travel at the end of the month, and it occurred to me that Harry and Dorothy were definitely the starts of this blog, but Minnie has definitely shoved them aside. Poor Jack and Coop! Always bridesmaids, for sure.

1.  Her hair looked so nice at swim lessons after I blew it dry that I got it wet yesterday morning, blew it dry, and added Aveda thickening mousse. There is actually a little shame in my game.

2. She spent her entire 45 minutes of The Little Gym’s Big! Red! mat! Climbing up the rock wall and sliding down the slide. She didn’t even join the other kids for bubbles.

3. We were looking at ourselves in the mirror before bed (she says “TALL ME” when she wants to stand on her dresser and see her reflection), and she smiled and said “Tiny teeth.” Then she stuck her fingers in my mouth and said “Big teeth.”

4. She’s still loving Goldfish, and so am I. Look at her counting on her fingers as she gets ready to jump!
5. She’s going to nurse until she’s in college, isn’t she? That’s what it feels like sometimes.


  1. I think it's safe to assume she will stop nursing by the time she starts college. Also, is she wearing butterfly/fairy wings while she's nursing - because if so that is TOO MUCH CUTENESS.

  2. Oh, I miss those days so much!!! They were hard, for sure, but so, so precious. I also nursed my kids FOREVER and I miss that so much. Sigh...

  3. Haha, I would assume that she will stop nursing by the time she starts college - but to you, it might feel like "one day she was nursing, the next day she left for college".. LOL