Monday, November 14, 2022


 Do you know what is going to make me feel like 40% less stressed? Knowing that next semester is fully prepped. As busy as these past few weeks have been, we are about to get CRUSHED with the busy in ways I cannot even explain without breaking out in hives.

So. A fully prepped Canvas course, a shiny new syllabus, and a slate of TAs all hired and ready to grow ill make me feel at least a little bit better, right?


The best part is that Dorothy dressed like this on a random Wednesday, has never seen the movie Space Camp, and actually had a decades day dress up day like 2 days AFTER she wore this.


  1. Wow! You are way ahead of the curve! I can't imagine having a syllabus and a course already in Canvas so far before the semester starts!

    1. Anonymous11:04 AM

      My biggest life hack is to always always always have the next semester entirely prepped before the current semester ends-- lectures written, exams ready, power point slides assembled-- all of it. That way I can use my time to grade, respond to students, etc (this is Sarah-- my phone is not logged in LOL)

  2. Go you - that seems like a LOT of work to fit in right now...but then the relief of knowing you have things all set to go for the next semester will lift such a time AND mental burden off your shoulders.
    I honestly can't imagine how your life could possibly get busier - I practically get hives reading about what you're juggling now!!! It's incredible what you do at home/work and then stay so cheerful about it all. Love it. <3

  3. Good for you for planning ahead and working ahead - I am sure it's been busy but it gives you a lot of peace of mind later!

  4. Fingers crossed.
    But you seem to hhave been planning it all so you got this.