Sunday, November 20, 2022

Random snaps of life right now

I love looking over my shoulder in the car and seeing this little cutie. Not that I could ever forget she’s with me because she talks nonstop through every errand unless I am trying to keep her awake because it is also the nap time, and then she very seriously plays Monkey Preschool Lunchbox on my phone.

That’s me at my kindergarten McDonald’s bday party in 1983, and I really don’t look unlike Minnie, huh?

I LOVE putting rollers in old lady Dorothy’s hair

But probably not as much as Beatrix lives sitting on top of Mount Laundry

Minnie, by the way, has all of the sudden become EXTREMELY two.

Like SO TWO. Very strong opinions, hair trigger temper, independent streak coupled with incompetence, they whole 9 yards.

Luckily, I still think she’s irresistible.



  1. She looks SO much like your childhood picture.
    Two is quite an age. High highs and...loud/tantrummy lows. Good thing they are so cute, eh?!

  2. Cats and laundry. They can't help themselves.

  3. Two ist the best age. I remember my niece at age 2 (she's 14 now) and she was adorable and such a handful LOL

  4. constant chatter... its like you have your own narator...