Friday, November 04, 2022

5 on a Friday: Quick catch-up edition

1. Dorothy had her first swim meet, and she did a little pre-meet shopping. She did great, got lots of ribbons, and had a wonderful, supportive time. I adore her swim school.
2. Harry and Dorothy carved their dream puking pumpkin this year, and it turned out great— and gross.
3. WE MADE OUR COOKIES!! And I was right— she adored it.
4. I need to either get dressed in real clothes OR buy nicer workout wear. This PJs-to-errands lewk needs to never happen again.



  1. My kids want to do the puking pumpkin thing next year! It's so fun. This year we did a cat (and I'm not sure what Levi's was, to be honest)...but a vomiting gourd is on the to-do list :)

  2. That pumpkin turned out great. Gross but great. Good job.

  3. The "puking pumpkin" was their dream pumpkin? Haha - kids! ;)

  4. So you made cutout cookies in the shape of Wisconsin? I think I need a picture of this!
    LOVE the pumpkin. Your family seems super fun!

  5. That pumpkin is fabulous. Love it!

  6. The puking pumpkin!!! OMG it is so gross and wonderful.

    Yay for a happy first swim meet! My daughter has yet to do one this year, and I am a little apprehensive that she will just refuse to compete. In which case... WHY are we doing swim team?