Thursday, November 03, 2022

November goals (and October check-in)

 1. Welcome our season of life KINDLY. YES, I really tried hard to do this, and SHOCKER, my positive attitude was actually kind of magical. What could have really been awful was dare I say fun if being this busy can ever be truly fun.

2. DRINK MORE WATER. Yes, actually, since I lost my water bottle, I have been making this happen most of the time. LIKE A REAL GROWN UP PERSON.

3. Wear my Apple Watch every day and aim for 60 minutes of exercise.  I did not wear my Apple Watch because something is wrong with it, and it keeps telling me I have climbed a million flights of stairs and gotten all this exercise I didn't really get. BUT. I have tried to do more exercise. Not every day. And not 60 minutes. So, this one is a fail.

4. Make cut-out cookies in the shape of Wisconsin and let Minnie experience dough for the first time. I am writing this post in advance on 10/27, and this has NOT happened. But! I could do it on 10/28 and have all of the ingredients, so I'll let you know. Otherwise, it is a very November thing, right? Cozy fall vibes, etc. 

5. Read my backlog of Book of the Month books: NOPE. I am limping through one that I likely will not finish (maybe ever).

6. Deal so effortlessly with my PMS-constrained mood fluctuations that Ben DOESN'T EVEN NOTICE my period might be approaching. Maybe I did this, or maybe my COVID booster screwed my cycle up so much it's a moot point because I am apparently never getting another period ever again. Either way, my attitude as been SO AWESOME, despite suffering from hormone-related insomnia lately.

Sooooo, that's an F for October Goals.

Now, on to November:

1. Buy matching fam Disney shirts (shut up).

2. Order our holiday cards.

3. Decide if we are doing Christmas fam jams this year and proceed accordingly.

4. Fill everyone's stockings first before the crack of December so I don't panic buy absolute trash after the holiday budget is busted. I hate sweaty shame spiral shopping.

5. Use my gratitude journal every day instead of back-filling weeks at a time.

6. Do yoga every single day from 11/1-11/21.

7. Take a 20 minute walk when I work from the office.

8. Make sure Minnie plays outside every day I am home with her.

9. Reignite my nighttime tea ritual.

These are very manageable, and yet…

Just in time for PSL season to be over, I have perfected my PSL order.


  1. Oh yes, number four alllllllll the way. I am with you there. Also with the holiday cards goal, that is something I Must Do.

  2. Hey, since I saw you signed up for NaBloPoMo today (welcome!), I hope you put that on your goal list for November too :) I added you to the list!

  3. I am stressed out thinking about holiday planning (cards, gifts, etc.) and everyone is writing about it, but can't I just get through Thanksgiving first?! Argh!!

    Welcome to NaBloPoMo! Can't wait to read more!

  4. I think you did manage a lot of goals in October. I also believe that once you set yourself some goals you are more prone to work towards the and end up doing something instead of not having a direction. So all the best with your November goals.