Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Cooper’s Very Sporty Weekend

 Does Cooper ever have anything BUT a very sporty weekend?

OK, friends. Climb into the Way Back Machine and travel with me to Saturday, November 5-Sunday, November 6.

On 11/5, Coop woke up BRIGHT AND EARLY to drive to Milwaukee for a dive meet— his first indoors, and his first time competing against kids outside Madison. He has been really nervous/excited about this meet, and  HE WON against divers from Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Stretching before the meet
Ben got some terrific action shots
(No but really POINT YOUR TOES)
Yay Coop!!
I actually love that he is young for swim and dive (his September bday means he’s swimming/diving up) because he has the whole indoor season for both sports to swim/dive against 13U, so when he moves to the 11-12 age group in our summer league, he will be ready for the competition. He is still trying to make the state cut for freestyle and back stroke (literally fractions of a second to cut in each event), but on our club swim team, many kids Coop’s age and older haven’t made the cut yet. The 9 and under crowd has many more quals, and I think it’s because the time standards get really hard at 10 and up. Why is that? Hooking parents early?

He came home from dive and got immediately into his hockey gear to hit the ice

Joining him out there was our very favorite certified hockey official of all time

(That’s Harry, by the way, who is super thankful he is playing tennis 3 days a week because reffing a hockey game is a MAJOR WORKOUT, and he was VERY red in the face by the middle of the first period).

Also he did not fall down even once, and I bet 3 times. Ben’s guess was twice. We are SUCH good parents.

Jack and Dorothy stayed home, and when he arrived after the game, we found them jig dueling:

Minnie spectated in last year’s coat:

And we all shivered our way through the game:

Also, let me tell you about her coat situation. I made an IG story about it, so I’ll post the video. Tips for reluctant coat-wearers always appreciated:

After the game, Coop went to a team PS5 pizza party, and the rest of us had takeout from the golf course bar WHERE YOU CAN GET DIRNKS TO GO, THANKS PANDEMIC

Ben and I also went to that bar for drinks on Friday, and I liked the takeout one better.

Sunday was MOAR HOCKEY. Coop played great and got an assist in a game his team ended up losing 5-6. Minnie eschewed coats entirely and probably got sick eating off the floor of the rink (we live in Before Times again, I guess **shrug**). But the real story was Dorothy WHO DIDN’T BRING ANY SHOES TO THE HOCKEY RINK 37 MINUTES FROM OUR HOUSE. 

Luckily, we discovered a Wal Mart, and I found SUPER CUTE shoes for her for $10. Also a $14 outfit for Minnie and a new $5 toddler necklace/bracelet set. LOL. It all just sort of fell into my arms while I was running to shoes. I never shop at Wal Mart, so I was extra interested in what was hanging on the racks. I am just sort of Target blind these days and shop on autopilot.

Bonus: We also found a DELICIOUS local bakery


  1. What a weekend - and kudos for sitting through the cold arena hours. That would do me in.
    Yay Cooper and can I just say that I laughed - SO HARD - when you talked about betting how many times Harry would fall down. And how the story is even better because he didn't fall down at all!
    Yay for sporty kids and parents who jump through all the necessary hoops to make it work. Man they're going to look back on all this with so many memories <3

  2. Wow, never a dull moment with your kids... you guys have so much going on :) but kudos to you as parents to making it all possible. Kids have to be able to try things when they're young!

  3. I wish I had the energy of a kid. That is a lot of sport, and going from the pool to the ice. Wow, on the diving, very impressive.

  4. I don't know whether I'm envious or exhausted. I've always dreamed of having athletic kids, but it didn't happen (my kids are into music, which is good, but hate all sports, sigh.) That must have been amazing watching your son win a diving competition! On the other hand... I know (from friends) how much work it is getting them to all the events, especially when you have other kids as well. But it sounds like Cooper is having fun!

  5. this is such a busy life you live. Fun to follow along.

  6. I think what I love the most about this are the expressions on the kids' faces. Yes, they're crazy-busy. But they really seem to be living their best kid lives, and that is priceless. (Also, who forgets SHOES? In NOVEMBER? Yikes...[Good fix on your part, though!])