Monday, November 07, 2022

We finally took Minnie to Mickie’s!

 Our school district opted against a fall break like all the private schools and surrounding districts have. The idea was that these breaks are kind of elitist and disrupt working parents' access to childcare. So, instead, the kids have just had a non-continuous string of early dismissals and teacher in-service days which have, I think, been even more disruptive than a string of days off in a row. And that, in a nutshell, is what's wrong with the administration of our school district. I have a lot more I could say about that, but instead! Let's just talk about the little kids' most recent day off, yes?

(ALSO the high school and middle school have different non-continuous days off, so it's not like families can, say, hire a cheaper teen babysitter or ask siblings to pitch in with childcare-- GAH)

We had parent-teacher conferences in the morning (I love parent-teacher conferences-- the small chairs! the bragging about my kids from someone who is not me! peeking at earnest elementary school handwriting! All of it). and got to swing by the school book fair, which is another very particular love of mine. Dorothy and Cooper bought 3 books each because they just couldn't narrow down their favorites (and why should they, really?). Minnie just sort of roamed the gym knocking things off shelves like a toddler poltergeist, but she couldn't find anything she really liked, and I didn't push it because we have SO! MANY! KID! BOOKS! at home.

I patted myself on the back about scheduling because by the time we tidied up the house and got dressed, it was time to walk to school. After conferences and book buying, it was early lunchtime, meaning nap time was in sight!! I had student paper conferences scheduled for the beginning of nap but then I hoped to actually sit down and read my own book for awhile -- an unheard of luxury. To achieve this goal, I had to eliminate lunch clean up, so the 4 of us went to our every favorite greasy spoon diner. The kids all got pancakes and milkshakes, but I ordered the real gem-- grilled cheese and fries (the very best fries ever) with a chocolate malt-- perfection.

Minnie ate 2 pats of butter while she was waiting for her food (LOL), and as you can see, she found the whole experience a delight.


  1. Rachel6:37 AM

    My toddler also likes eating plain butter. She'll even lick it off toast.

  2. Anonymous6:44 AM

    1. The grilled cheese is only $3????!!!
    2. What are yanks??
    3. Fully with you on random days off being much harder to manage than a week, and that school districts should have the same days off for ALL AGES!
    4. Hope you did get to read your book.

  3. So fun!!! My kids used to dip their french fries INTO the pats of butter at our favourite local restaurant. Hmm...the deep frying oil just wasn't enough fat for the french fries? But I always let them do it because I figured...eventually they'll grow out of it and it was just adorable?! They did...and now they TRIPLE dip their French fries in: the special house sauce, ketchup, and plum sauce.

  4. Lisa of Lisa’s Yarns1:45 PM

    Mmm grilled cheese. My ridiculous selective 4y has come to love them. Hooray. Another cheap and easy meal that I can make him.

    Our littles are really close in age. Mine turns 2 in a month!

  5. Sounds like the perfect day off. And, I have a few words to say about those early dismissal days. Our district used to have a bunch of those scattered throughout the year and EVERYBODY HATED THEM. The best part was, the elementary and middle schools had early dismissals on those days, while the high school had a late start. So you either had to deal with picking your kid up early, or getting them to school in the middle of the day, which was hard if you happened to have a job. A lot of parents were just letting their kids stay home all day to make it easier. Finally, someone realized that wasn't working and now instead of all those half days, we have the entire week of Thanksgiving off WHICH I LOVE. It works so much better!

  6. Hi Sarah, I came across your blog through San's NaBloPoMo. The different days off in elementary, middle and highschool drive me crazy, too (and I only have two kids). I wish there was an extra week off in the fall and would be more than happy to give up a week of the 10 week summer break for that ;)

  7. Haha, kids will be picky eaters but they'll eat butter. Hilarious. What a fun time :P

  8. A spontanous lunch trip sounds fun and takes of a bit of work for you. The butter thing is funny.