Saturday, November 05, 2022

This Is 2

 I mean, listen. I know that I loved the rest of the kids as much as I love Minnie, but! I also know that I did not appreciate them as much as I appreciate her. Or ENJOY them as much as I enjoy her. It is so much easier to parent a baby/toddler when you have grown up (more grown up, anyway) kids. You know that babies eventually learn to use the toilet or stop sucking their thumbs or talk like real people, etc, and there’s just so much less worry.

I think it’s easier to have a baby now, too, because I am settled in my career, as is Ben. We have a big (enough) house and money for all the things— all of which we lacked when Harry and Jack were small. All of the other kids have had close siblings, too, so I never just got to lean back and revel in toddlerhood.

In short, Minnie is a dream come true, and we are all so lucky to have her.

Here she is wearing a dress she chose with a necklace, bracelet, and bow she picked out, eating her weekly post-gym cookie and a cup of milk she keeps sloshing on her tutu with a leaf she found in the parking lot. Perfect!

(Yesterday on a Zoom call with my college besties, someone said, "Oh Sarah! She looks just like you!" And Minnie said very seriously to the camera, "No. I Minnie Jedd." She is also still wearing her Halloween costume, but when we comment on the scary with in the house, she takes off her hat and says, "It me." I LOVE HER SO MUCH.)


  1. She's adorable. Also, the cookie is the size of her face - haha!

  2. Oh, that is SO CUTE. I have two kids and my son was 6 when my daughter was born. I know what you mean about being able to relax and appreciate everything more. And all kids are great, but there's just something about a little girl in a tutu... (warning! She will grow up into a moody teenager though!) I miss those days.

  3. She's so cute and I just love how much you love her and what a perfect fit she is for the family (I am 8 years younger than my closest sibling, so I was basically a "Minnie" growing up!).
    She's delightful and I love that you're savouring it all in a new way. (I'm done having kiddos, but I've thought...if I had one now, I think I could appreciate it in a whole different way.)

  4. What a beautiful post. Minnie is gorgeous.

  5. Such a lovely post. I don't have children but I can see how it gets easier with a third one and a little time apart. My youngestsister is six years younger and my mom had a different connection to her because she was more settled and things not always overwhelming.