Sunday, November 13, 2022

Hey, man, at least I change the sheets.

 HOW did everything just sort of slip away from me this semester? My lofty exercise goals. My writing time. MY SANITY?

You know what I have gotten very good at? Changing all the beds once a week. This is sort of easy because all of the kids have at least one full back up set of sheets, blanket, AND comforter, shams, etc. I can switch everything out and then deal with the laundry (I always change kid quilts weekly because they’re just grimy when they get home from school, and they always lounge on their beds,. Gross). But still. It’s like the only thing in my whole life I am on top of.

Beatrix always finds the stray sunbeam.  I NEED TO BE MORE LIKE BEATRIX.


  1. It would be appalling to the world if I shared how often I change sheets (spoiler alert: it is NOT once a week or anywhere close to that frequency).
    Maybe I need to hope the kids get sick more frequently? Having a house full of vomit this week did REQUIRE me to change the I guess that's a silver lining.
    I'm not sure why I hate it so much (to be fair, I don't have a single back-up set of sheets for my bed, and only one each for the kids...) but I really hate the whole process - stripping the bed, washing it (especially because we have mattress protectors and I often wash those, too, and they're a nuisance), and then re-making the beds. Hate it.
    My kids don't tuck in comforters, though, they just use big, fluffy blankets and this makes life easier because they're much smaller/easier to wash than a "filled" comforter. Even with that life hack...I still avoid the job as long as possible (or until vomit strikes).

  2. We do not change sheets once a week. Once a month if we're lucky.

    My cat and dog hang out almost exclusively in the mudroom in the mornings because it's full on sunlight in there. It got cold suddenly (70 to 30 overnight!) and the next morning I hung out in the mudroom with them because they are the smartest creatures in our house!

  3. Once a week! And then so many beds. Well, no wonder you're not getting anything else done ;) (J/K).
    We usually do our sheets every 3-4 weeks.

  4. I also change our sheets every week as me, and some of the kids have dust mite allergies. Once the kids were old enough to change their own sheets I made them do it themselves. My son won't use a top sheet so he has to do his doona every week as well. Lots of reminders are needed, but better to do it every week, otherwise they forget when it's due.

  5. I hate hate hate changing sheets. I love a feshly changed bed though. It does make you feel accomplished. But I will not ever manage it weekly....