Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summer Vacation: Days 10-11, the Long Way Home

Before we left, we took one more look at that gorgeous beach!

 Oh my goodness, I miss it already.
 And then we drove straight to the University of South Carolina for a quick pit stop.  harry fond his initials right away.
 It's actually a really pretty campus

 And we made TONS of Cocks jokes
 Because we are classy like that.

 And then it was back in the car LIVING THE DREAM
 All the way to Lexington, KY and a perfect restaurant
 Dorothy and Cooper were mostly interested in this gum ball machine
 We couldn't go to UK without checking out Rupp Arena
 Another lovely campus

 And really terrible hotel pool that reminded the kids of our DC hotel
 The next day, we drive north as fast as we could to skirt a line of storms and ended up at U of I at another truly excellent lunch spot
 One more quick walk around a college campus
 One more selfie
And then!  We were hooooome, and even with all of the laundry, we were so happy to be there! Here!  Home, I mean!

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