Tuesday, August 07, 2018

18 for 2018: August Update

1. Blog everyday:  You freaking betcha-- even when I have absolutely NOTHING to say.  HA!
2. No FB 9-5 M-F: Ok.  You guys.  What the hell? How many articles about distracted parents do I have to read (ON FACEBOOK?) before I STOP DOING THIS.  I largely don't give any shits about people hanging out without me, which is a YUGE breakthrough, but omfg.  I wish I could have all of the time back that I wasted on FB in the last decade. I would be an accomplished novelist FOR SURE.
3.  Read 100 books: I mean.  I am in the 120s.
4.  Read Poetry:  I have slacked on this in a big way.  So!  I just put some collections from this list and this one on hold at the library.
5.  Table Setting:  Well, I did notice that we need ore salad bowls and plates?
6.  Book plot/writing: FUCK YOU stop NAGGING ME.
7.  Print Pics: Yep.  Good time waster.
8.  Track Spending: WHY ARE YOU JUDGING ME?
9.  Post on Insta and 1SE: I SE!  So behind!  
10:  Have a dinner party: LOLz.  We did have my parents over for dinner.  And we drank champagne. Sounds like a party to me.
11.  Let the kids entertain more at home: Sort of?
12.  Write poetry: Nope.
13.  Volunteer for candidates:  YEP.
14.  Clean the closet + maintain it: YES I DID!
15.  Family movie night: Well, we are watching Big Brother with the kids, but our regular movie night has turned into pool night, and I like it better maybe.
16.  Paint the downstairs and fix the bathroom:  HA.  HA.  HA.
17.  Harmonious mornings: Yes yes yes yes! After breakfast, everyone gets dressed for swim and dive, packs clothes to change into at the pool, fills a water bottle, gets a snack, grabs their tennis racket (if needed), etc.  It's amazing!  And now, of course, all of those activities are over for the last month of summer, and then school starts, so we will have to figure it all out again.  The really amazing thing about the school year is that I have NO early mornings, so we should be able to keep it together most of the time.
18:  More date nights: Yes!  This has been a terrific resolution!

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  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Just wondering if your education was based on foul language. You use it so often and freely I expect in was one of your minors:-)