Friday, August 17, 2018

Halcyon Days

Could this summer have been better?

A summer of mermaids.

 And you know what those mermaids meant?  They meant that Dorothy was playing with a revolving pack of 4-6 year-old girls at the pool and I was sitting in the shade with my book.  Amazing.

A summer of slime.
 And! Every time we went to the craft store to make slime, we could get excited for fall because retail merchandising doesn't go with the season anymore ever!
 A summer of ice cream.  So much ice cream.

 This was the first summer I can remember when everyone s a grown up and can pee anywhere by themselves and buckle themselves in the car and find their own shoes every time.  Leaving the house has been a real treat and there are days when we are gone from morning until dinner and it's FUN.

A summer of exploring our town.
 Thanks, in large part, to Bucky on Parade-- talk about a fun diversion!
We are entering the final couple of weeks when Ben and I have to work, but the kids are still at home, and all of us are gearing up for a change in routine.  You know me, over here all giddy with the potential of academias new year.  Fall is my jam, but it's hard to trade wet towels for cozy sweaters this time around. 

Summer, we love you more than craft bear and pizza by the lake.

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