Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Summer Vacation: Day 2

Looking at the pictures from our second day made me laugh and laugh and laugh because there were like 3 because WE HAD WAY LESS FUN the second day in the car, despite our data plan.

For one thing, I hogged the hotspot all morning to grade.

For another, there were clausty mountain tunnels.

Our snacks did not taste as good the second day.

And really?  We just wanted to BE AT THE BEACH already, especially since my brother and my parents were there already.

We have stopped here before

 This was GENIUS.  I heard a vacation happiness hack on Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and I acted on it, and it was a GAME CHANGER.  Order groceries online and pick them up on your way into town!  We also got a Target order (and that fan?  totally stupid because there were 3 fans just like it at the house and we couldn't fit it in the car to bring home)
 All tucked in and sleeping in the room they remembered fondly from last year!
We also ate at the Frosty Frog with the whole fam, but I didn't take any pictures because we were tired and crabby, and Cooper was awful, so we fled the table as soon as we swallowed our last bites.

We went to bed so excited to see the beach and not be in the car.  Remind me again why I hate to fly...

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  1. I have a feeling three other families didn’t have room in their cars to take their fans home.

    Now I’m going to place an order with Target. Their Home delivery has changed my life!