Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer Vacation: Day 6

The kids' favorite thing about the place where we stay at Sea Pines is definitely the alligators who live in the landscaping.  I have to tell you, these are, um, not my favorite things.

In honor of John and Caleb's last day on the island, I brought my real camera to the beach.

 This is not my favorite picture of me, but I do love the unflattering way I am standing because there used to be a picture of my grandma hanging up in my grandpa's den, and she was standing the exact same way, although she definitely also had a cigarette, and I am just waving.
 Jumping for joy and still game after about 100 outtakes.
 Jack loves nothing more than a good cartwheel in the waves
 Dorothy loves to be dirty, so she was in heaven in the sand
 Both of her little feet off the ground!
She ran pretty hard, but no one could beat Cooper
He's fast.

 I love the way Jon and Caleb vacation.  Even on their last day, they are up for anything.  I usually waste my last day anywhere getting ready for the trip home.
 Dudes on the beach
 The fam
 The best one we got
 Jon and Caleb took the kids on a shell walk every morning.
 I totally love this one
 After we said goodbye to Jon and Caleb, the rest of us went to our favorite burger place

And then!  Here are other pictures that Blogger uploaded randomly because it hates me.

Queen of the castle:
 Lunch beverages
 Afternoon daiquiri:
 Ice cream and souvenirs
Breakfast, with screens:

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