Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Jack found a sport

I know that kids don't NEED sports.  I mean, I a prime example of this fact.  I played softball when I was little, but I HATED IT, and that was my only foray into sportsball of any kind beyond a really dumb volleyball try out and a painful poms audition. (I played softball for 3 year because I was committed to sucking).

But!  I also know that a kid's life might be a little easier and more fun with sports in it.  Friends!  Things to do! An answer to the first question everyone and their dog asks little boys!

Jack has played sports forever-- soccer, hockey, baseball, gymnastics.  With the possible exception of gymnastics, though, all of these sports felt like work.  He didn't actually always want to go to practice.  He looked bored as heck during the game.  He wasn't having fun, and he didn't really sound enthusiastic even talking about it.

Enter diving.

Jack went to practice for 3 hours a day all summer.  He dove into the water grinning and surfaced with a smile every time.  He overcame his fear of back flips and listened to his coaches when they corrected his form.  he always tried hard things even if he ended up flopping into the water, and after each flop he scrambled out and tried again.

Now that the season is over, he has started taking clinics at UW where he continues to be coachable and enthusiastic, taking risks and working on technique.

How cool is he?

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