Friday, August 03, 2018

And then we went back to the mall.

You aren't going to believe this because I don't even believe this, but we went BACK TO THE MALL are you kidding me the VERY NEXT DAY.

 Harrison decided that he literally could not live on more second without Birkenstocks, so he gathered his lawn-mowing and straggling birthday money and off we went.

Despite our experiences the other day, I really thought this was going to be a quick trip. Sure, we might have to go to one of the 4 different stores with Birks, but still.  We knew exactly what we wanted: mocha Birko-flor Arizona sandals.  Size TBD.


He almost got black but talked himself out of it.  He tried to scam me for $40 more to get the leather ones (apparently, you guys, the $99 Arizonas are FAKE LEATHER, as every freaking salesperson told me with a wrinkled up nose).

We went home empty handed, and Harry was so sad.  I called literally every store in town that sells Birks (and there are a lot because people here choose comfort over style EVERY TIME).  I even found them on Zappos (with next day delivery) and said he could get them that way.  But he wanted them RIGHT NOW.  Finally, after wearing mine around the house (they were too small), he decided to simply size up.  He's really a 39, but one lone store in town had a pair of browns in a 40, so he bought them.  FINALLY MY GOD FINALLY.  I wasted a whole day on them and was ready to fork over the extra cash to be done with it, even if that meant I also had to buy Jack a pair because OH MY GOD STOP ORGANIZING MY LIFE AROUND SANDALS.
 Dorothy and Cooper wanted to see if a raisin can turn back into a grape.  They lost interest before it sort of inflated.
 This is as clean as my car is going to get and it's actually still really dirty.  I used Goo Gone in the back cupholders to no avail.  And those cupholders on the floor?  Total design flaw because they get FILTHY when people stand on them, pass over them, etc.  Also, Harry hosed down all the mats and they look pretty OK.  Ugh.  Our cars are always super gross.
 Dorothy and Cooper did a little couch testing at Costco.  We are always keeping it classy.
 DATE NIGHT!  I could get used to this.


  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I've had both kinds of Arizona-style Birks and the "Flors" lasted much, much longer than the "real" ones.

  2. Please please please teach Harrison the wonder of eBay. I own over 30 pairs of Birks (don’t judge) and have never paid over $50 for a pair - not even for real leather! Honestly I usually get them for under $40.

    I do think it’s brilliant that Harry chose to go up a size. He’s a growing boy!

  3. In order to resist going down the rabbit hole and coming up with more birks for me, this is a very general search on eBay. Just looked for new, 39, Arizona, birkenstocks. I don’t like the Arizona so I only have that style in their waterproof option (which are also fantastic & great for your many days at the pool). In the past i have found that i can find even better deals by using other search words (such as “birks” instead of birkenstocks)

  4. My rubber pool shoes are made by Betula - they are “licensed by Birkenstock”. Not all Sellers think to include the word Birkenstock so you can sometimes find great deal by searching for Betula 39.
    There’s at least one other company Birkenstock licenses to but I can’t think of their name right now.
    I’ve found that my Betulas are as durable and comfortable as my Birkenstocks.

  5. Lisa R.11:53 AM

    Nope, raisins do not re-inflate (funny, I was JUST telling my kids that raisins are dried out grapes). They just get all bloaty. My grandmother used to do it all the time for baking.