Monday, August 06, 2018

Lucky Number 13

Happy Anniversary to Ben and me!

Lucky number 13!

It really does feel lucky, though, of course.  I wish we could go back in time and be 27 and getting married all over again,

I think I would still opt to lose 2 dress sizes and get a new dress instead of alterations.  And when my dress was too long on my wedding day, I think I would for sure stand by my decision to add another crinoline.

We'd still write our own vows and order pizza in our suite after the party ended.

I would pay closer attention to all of the faces in the crowd and know that some of them would not be around just 13 short years later.  I think I would do a  getter job, in general, of appreciating all of things people did for us that day-- even the act of showing up counts as doing something, you know?

I would revel in the Peoria of my wedding more instead of trying to pretend I was too cool.

I would try my luck with 15 vodka tonics instead of just a measly 11.

I would be even more excited about the future unfurling in front of us.  So much more than 10 days in Mexico on the horizon (although that honeymoon?  amazing.  as soon as Dorothy goes to college, we are going away for 10 days again).

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