Saturday, August 25, 2018

Summer Vacation: Day 5

I woke up early and took the kids to our favorite breakfast sport.  This was not as fun as it would have been in the days before intermittent fasting, but the coffee was lovely.

 We also spent some time at our favorite playground before meeting up with Jon, Caleb, and my parents. 
 We split up into 2 groups for the morning.  The girls went swimming:
 And the boys went to a forest preserve:

Then we all reconvened for the best sandwiches on the island and some pretty excellent cupcakes.

 And then!  BACK TO TH BEACH

 The beach was actually pretty terrible for the next couple of days, despite what these pictures might lead you to believe.  The water was warm and still, and the tide didn't come in until nighttime, and there were SO! MANY! JELLYFISH!  Also, it was 103, and we all almost died of heat exhaustion.
 The kids were so excited to get cleaned up and ride the trolley to dinner

 Where they ate SO! MUCH! CRAB!
 To celebrate Jon and Caleb's last night, we had champagne and dessert and Cards one more time.
We have only been home for a few days, and  am already looking at houses for next summer.

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