Monday, August 13, 2018

40 for 40 Update

I have been 40 for 3 months, so that means I should be 1/4 through my 40 for 40 list, right?

Yeah, about that.

1.  Get a pedicure with Dorothy-- Not yet.  Something to look forward to.
2.  Go to all of the museums in town-- One down!  All the rest to go. Erm.
3.  Make 40 POTY podcasts-- HA HA HA.
4.  Write 40 poems-- I should be 10 poems in, but, alas.
5.  Keep my nails manicured-- A solid SORT OF here.
6.  Read 100 books by women-- I am soooooo working on this.
7.  Finish my novel-- Slowly.  Kind of surely.  Like a broken turtle
8.  Practice yoga everyday-- Most days!
9.  Take the kids fishing-- Why did I want to do this?
10. Visit a national park--  YES!!
11. Visit 3 state parks-- 2 down.
12.  Take the kids to a ball game at Miller Park-- YES!!
13.  Go skiing-- Nopers.
14.  Grow lavender and mint-- Damnit.  I even saw a pot of lavender at Whole Foods, but I couldn't remember why  wanted it.
15.  Get massages-- Do home massages count?  I will be more mindful about scheduling these.  RIGHT NOW.
16.  Plan a Gamma Nu reunion:  Not yet.
17. Buy 40 lottery tickets:  Working on it.
18.  Try 40 new dinner recipes:  This has been SO FUN.  We are definitely 7 in.
19.  Make a book of my 40 favorite pics: Not yet.
20.  Make a playlist of my 40 favorite songs:  Not yet.
21.  Write down my 40 favorite memories: Not yet.
22.  Do 40 random acts of kindness:  Again, about a dozen in.  This has been a blast.  Little things like holding doors for moms with babies, letting people go in front of me at the grocery store, surrendering the right of way, etc.  I also paid for a mom's treats at the zoo, took all of the garbage out for Ben on a really busy morning.  I have been trying t be kind as a default-- this is a good bucket list item.
24.  Drive to the east side of Madison by my damn self: Not yet, guys.
25. Take Beatrix to a dog park:  Why did I want to do this?
26. Fly a kite: Seems so easy.  And yet.
27.  Make a sandcastle  LIKE A BOSS.
28.  40 date nights-- with any/all family members:  A marked increase in date nights for sure.  This one is so fun!
29.  40-ish after school adventures with Harry:  Working on it-- another terrific item.
30.  Bake 40-ish things with Jack:  We are having a blast trying new recipes. We have 6 so far.
31.  Wear jeans and heels all fall:  Can we rethink "all" fall?
32.  40-ish writing dates with Cooper:  We had one-- it was adorbs.
33.  Write more in coffee shops:  Working on it.
34.  Listen to new music everyday:  Doing it!
35.  Run a 5K:  This sounds terrible.
36.  Watch all 2019 Oscar movies BEFORE the Oscars:  Such a good goal.
37.  See 40 movies at the theater:  I am like 6 movies in.
38.  40 couch dates:  FOR SURE we have accomplished this one over the summer, but we'll keep going.
39.  Read 40 new books with Dorothy:  We are about 25 books in!
40.  Daily gratitude practice:  I love this one!

Ok.  Goals for the next quarter:
Keep making daily progress on the list and check off more low-hanging fruit.  I'd like to be done with 1, 7, 9, 11, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 26,  35, and 39

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