Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Summer Vacation: Day 1

We drove from Wisconsin to Tennessee with almost no fighting and lots of snacking.  I cleaned the car out before we left, and I was determined to keep it sort of clean. I broke my no eating in the car rule, but I only let the kids eat non-crummy snacks, which meant I sat with a stuffed picnic basket at my feet.  The kids ate:
Z Bars: We went off of these for awhile because of the arsenic in rice flour, but I read the ingredient label, and it was no longer at the tip  So, WHAT THE HECK. Also, they are not crumbly like a granola bar.
Z Fruit: THE BEST road trip snack
Fruit snacks: The Costco ones are both organic and plentiful
Made Good Granola Minis: We bought a YUGE bag of these at Costco
Beef jerky:  This-- also from Costco-- was big hit, but the smell almost killed me
Dum dums
Fruit by the foot
Fruit Roll Ups
(I am not linking to any of those because you can find them anywhere poison masquerading as food is sold)
Cuties, grapes, string cheese
Honest Kid juice boxes and tiny bottle of water

(I am also the only person who ate any of the fruit, and I also chewed all of the gum myself).

Away we goooooooo!
 Happy riders!
 They love unlimited iPad days, and we sprang for a data plan with a super fast hot spot so I could work on my online class in the car, which also meant the kinds could watch TV and movies AAAAALL DAAAY
 They also love unfettered access to food that turns their tongue the wrong color.  Also, do you love Dorothy's headphones?  I really, really, really do
 Lunch stop at Wendy's.
 Everyone was still happy!  Because the TV!
 I ate almost this whole damn bag of grapes.  I also read 5 books.
 And!  We listened to Harry Potter.  We only made it through 3 books total, but now we know what we're going to listen to on our New Year's trip!!
 Dinner in Knoxville! Where we happened upon a well-Yelped restaurant right by our hotel!  And they had trivia!
 The kids had a great time in this silly little pool because they have never met a pool they hated at a hotel.
And then!  We all went to bed happy and full and showered and ready to hit the beach the next day.

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