Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer Vacation: Day 3

For some reason I will never understand, I only bought 3 floaties and 3 buckets when I made my Target order.  And to heck with narrative structure and a darn story arc, I am just going to tell you, the kids fought like wild animals over the beach and pool toys for like 5 days before we wised up and bought more HASHTAG NEVER AGAIN 
 The beach!  Sea Pines Beach Club, our very favorite place in the whole continental US.
 Our favorite beach chairs!  And our sports wagon that was worth its weight in gold on this trip!
 Somebody wrote her cute little name in the sand!
 My very favorite view.  From the bar.
 Yay, beach!
 Yay, daiquiri break!
 Yay alligators by the condo pool!
 And the biggest yay of all: My parents watched the kids so we could go out on a grown up dinner for our anniversary, which was our first night on the island.
Not pictured, the 6 of us playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking champagne after dinner while the kids slept.

How could this trip get any better?!

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