Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Summer Vacation: Day 9

We started to realize that we had to leave this magical place and go home on this day.

So we planned a trip back for New Year's Eve.  Like you do.

We spent the night at Harbour Town again for burgers, brews, and ice cream.  And also Cooper finally spent his souvenir dollars-- he was the last one to empty his envelope, and he waited all week to find the perfect wallet.  He's adorable.  When he's not acting like a rabid dog.

 Our last beach day was a wonderful beach day.  Slightly overcast, a little cooler, with cold, rough water and NO JELLYFISH!

We planned to just go for the morning, but then we stayed all day!

 Jack and I took a super long walk and many pictures of each other jumping in the water.

 And he wrote his name in the sand, of course.
 We finally remembered to take the kids to the Craft Cove for necklaces, piggy banks, and a really hot stuffed animal.

 And then when we couldn't take the perfection of the saltwater and beach air any more, we got dressed for dinner one more time.

 We even had dessert.
This was our 4th trip to Hilton Head and our second time staying at Sea Pines, and we loved it so much.  It's the perfect place to take your pack of rowdy kids, and we were the only people on the island not covered in Lily from head to toe.  Oh well, theres always next year.

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