Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Good Camera and Another Dive Meet

I found my camera while FINALLY MY GOD FINALLY cleaning out my closet, so I have been making an effort to use it.  The pictures really ARE better.

I smell a 2019 NYR to take a photography class...

Look, with my good camera, their disdain for my strawberry banana rhubarb muffins (no oatmeal, much to my surprise, so I used more flour) is palpable.

I mean you can't totally blame them because the batter looked like for-real barf

 Beatrix is always gorg.
 Cooper leaves tiny toys around like calling cards.  And now you can see all of the deets.
 My bumpy hip fat is CLEARLY VISIBLE with the good camera.
 I was able to take continuous pics of every angle of Jack's dives.
 You can see each water droplet!
 Cooper's tantrum practically leaps off the page!
 Phone camera to document how I almost died of sweat poolside before I had the GENIUS IDEA to MOVE TO THE SHADE

 3rd AND 4th! It was a triple dual meet!

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