Friday, July 06, 2018



Here I am, sitting there with a ton of angst about coaching Dorothy's team and the dads all acting like I am too dumb to coach a tee ball team even though none of them volunteered for the frigging job.  AND THEN!  I forgot all about the damn game and didn't even go.

I subscribed to the tee ball calendar, but it only synced on my computer, not on my phone and bam! I sat down to write after dinner while Ben had the kids at the pool, and I took care of all of my emails first and wrote the next day's to-do list because writing is hard and I am a procrastinator.  In the course of all of this busy work, I opened my Google calendar and noticed that we were midway through a damn tee-ball game.

Dorothy hasn't asked about what she calls her "big game," so hopefully when we go next week, she'll have no clue we sat a week out. Oops.

The kicker, of course, is that we haven't even been busy.  Here are all of the terribly important things I was doing instead:

Subway picnic at Jack's last baseball game of the season.  I made cupcakes and also!  Dug that old purse out of Dorothy's toy box and carried it because that's how little stuff I need to carry anymore.  It is a miracle.
 Beatrix likes to sleep with a blanket.
 I took all of the children out to dinner post dive meet and survived!
 Third place diver!
 Cooper is 1000% into Dave Pilkey's Dog Man books.
 Watching baseball.  Like we do.
 Getting his last post0game treat of the season (after each game the kids get $2 to spend at the concession stand, and it is a major highlight).
 The boys watched It:
 Dorothy took pictures of her ice cream for Instagram.  Erm.
 This book is gooooood.
 Cooper drew Dog Man with a chalk rock after swim lessons
 We went to a craft class at Michaels while Jack was at dive lessons.
 Cooper got a free book for reaching a certain level in his summer reading program, and the free book was Captain Underpants, and he was THRILLED.
See?  Way too busy for tee-ball.


  1. I know it’s kinda bad but you forgetting to show up to coach at the game really made me laugh.

  2. Lisa R.10:35 AM

    A few years ago, my husband was supposed to ASSISTANT coach my oldest son's tee ball team. That quickly became actual coach. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest looking up games for the kids involving soccer cones and hula hoops. We made it through somehow! Both of us had zero coaching experience and tee ball experience. Use the Pinterest!

  3. I can’t wait to read that book! Her first one was so good. Did you read that one?

  4. I sort of love that you dig a Coach bag out of the toy box.
    Also, if no one called/texted/emailed they probably forgot about the game too