Monday, July 30, 2018

July Gratitude

I am grateful for ALL OF IT.

Date nights and finally winning something at trivia.

Friday nights at the pool.

Watching Jack dive and hit the water with a smile every time.

Book club. 


My tired hour on the couch with my computer before the kids wake up.


Dorothy, home with me all day for the last little epoch.

Lazy, boring days home with the kids.

Ben and me taking a nap on the couch while all 4 kids played capture the flag outside and the dog sat next to us like a human watching The Burbs.

Weekly library trips where we struggle back to the car with so! many! books! and kids who clamor at me to put specific titles on hold for them.

Watching  Big Brother with Harry and Jack.

This whole month!

Cheers to you, July 2018. I loved nearly every second of you.  (I mean, I still have to clean the kids' bathrooms, you know?)

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