Sunday, July 08, 2018

What We're Eating This Week: 28/52

Ok, you guys.  We are supposed to go camping this week.  So I know that Thursday we are having some sort of meat with potluck sides (it's BYO meat. I am 96% sure that we will make hamburgers and hot dogs, but we are living on the edge here).  And Friday, we are going to a fish fry at a state park beach.  SEND HELP.  Saturday, the littles and I will be home and clean and safe in our beds while Ben and Harry have a baseball tourney, so I think we are having pool food on Saturday.  Sunday, I will welcome all of us back to civilization with enchiladas.

But what about the OTHER DAYS?

Sunday/Monday: Chicken tortilla soup with chips and guac
Tuesday: Rotisserie chicken salads
Wednesday: grilled sandwiches on French bread with assorted fruit and cookies.

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