Friday, July 27, 2018

I made macarons! WITH FEET!

Lately when I tell Dorothy I want to take her picture, this is what I get:
 Apparently, she is trying to pose like an action figure from their Disney Infinity game?!?

I will be forever grateful to the mom from Cooper's kindergarten class who turned us on to FREE SLIME MAKING at Michael's.  I mean, seriously.
 Cooper and Dorothy and I ran a quick While Foods errand the other day, and they both had and LOVED macarons.  Cooper asked me if I could make them at home, and I was al CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

And they had feet!
 Cooper approved!
 I was way way way too proud of myself.  We used THIS RECIPE, by the way.  Next time I will color them and do something different in the middle,  I did the most perfect espresso buttercream, but the kids were not blown away,

Th other night at Cooper;s baseball game, Dorothy climbed on my lap and didn't object when I braided her hair and it was the most well-groomed she has been in YEARS.  I asked her if I could do that to her hair for school next year, and she laughed and laughed.  Sigh.

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  1. Lisa R.9:19 AM

    I spent a few moments looking at the title wondering to myself "Did the macarons have feet?....Did she bake them using her feet?...I don't think I could bake with my feet...I can pick up a marker with my toes...maybe I could..." Morning is hard.