Thursday, July 26, 2018

I am nostalgic for summer already, and it's still here

Hey, Summer.  Could you just stick around forever?  Please?

Summer date nights are the best.
 Also baseball tournaments!  So!  Many! Baseball tournaments!
 He didn't actually ride in the front seat.  I mean.
 Picnicking at dive team warm ups.  I am sooooo going to miss dive team.  So much that I signed him up for a clinic at my school next week.  I cannot not over-schedule.
 Summer reading!  I am not the only one tearing through good books.
 Tee-ball.  I wish she would always rock the messy bun.
Yesterday, I went to work and stayed for eight hors doing all of the things that I probably should have been doing all summer, and you know what? It was actually really fun.

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