Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hilton Head, Day 5

I mean, how many more pictures can I possibly post of us all tan and sandy and blissed out?

Don't worry, I only have a few more because this was our last full day on the island.

We decided to mix things up a little bit, even though our routine of breakfast in the condo, lunch at home or on the beach in picnic form, midday pool break, more beach, and fancy dinner was really working for us.

On our last day, we discovered a wonderful little coffee shop and bakery right by our condo (THE LAST DAY?! D'OH) ad walked there for breakfast and some playground time.

Then we went to the beach, mainly just to snag our chairs and bob in a few waves.

 Before spending the rest of our morning at the pool, with plans to walk over to our favorite lunch spot.  But!  Dorothy was shivering while lying in the sun on the hot concrete, and I realized that she had a fever.  So Ben took her back to the condo for some meds and dry clothes while the boys and I hung by the pool, which is basically what we do best.

Enjoying a pre-fever popsicle.
 I love a restaurant you can walk up to in your swimsuit and feel right at home.  If you also love that, check out Harbour Town Burgers and Brews.

 Home of technicolor sodas.
 So happy he got to sit with patient zero.
 Ben and Dorothy went back to the condo to relax for a while after lunch, so I took the crazies to the beach.  Except for this brief interlude, we swam THE WHOLE TIME.
 Ben and Dorothy came back for some burying in the sand time
 When we were thoroughly sick of the beach-- at like 5:00 when they kicked us out of our chairs, we took the kids home and gave them a truly odd dinner of all of the leftover food at the condo-- mostly cereal and pop tarts and fruit, so it was basically their favorite meal of the trip-- and then walked to Harbour Town for ice cream and one more round of souvenirs.

 Ben and I planned to eat Stu's, our favorite sandwich shop, after we finished packing our suitcases and cleaning out the car and stuffing the cooler for a road trip picnic.  But! Stu's was closed, so we went back to the Frosty Frog (our trip's MVP FOR SURE) for takeout sandwiches-- crab cake and grouper-- and you guessed it MOAR daiquiris.

Ben saw a freaking armadillo nosing around all the junk from the car we put on the front walkway to get un-sandy and we thought for awhile that we probably were going to get leprosy.  Mainly, though, we just kind of moped around, sad that such a wonderful trip was ending.

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  1. Do you get leprosy from armadillos? I was all for Hilton Head until the leprosy...