Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I was so bummed that we discovered the best little breakfast spot on the island on our last day that I took the kids there for one more quick breakfast while Ben got gas and turned in our keys.  And then we discovered that the place was even better than we thought and that we could eat breakfast in a private cottage.  LOVE IT.

 Much to our horror, Ben discovered that the audio book he bought for the ride home, Ready Player One, didn't download to his phone because he ran out of room.  He cleared some stuff off but the dam thing would not download because we couldn't find good enough wifi at the bakery or the park we went to to let the kids run around while we figured out our entertainment issues.  We headed back to the beach club to search for a better signal and say goodbye to the ocean.  A good choice, if you ask me, even though the damn book wouldn't download.

 We drove all the way to Atlanta before we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts with good wifi and could download the book, and after that, the trip FLEW BY and everyone listened raptly to the story.

We stopped for the night in Clarksville, TN, at a Courtyard Mariott that checked all of our boxes: suite to fit the whole fam, restaurant and bar in the lobby, indoor pool, breakfast.  That's all we want. Also we TOTALLY stopped here on the way back from Gulf Shores.
 SO HAPPY TO BE OUT OF THE CAR, which really does get long, even if you're listening to an awesome book.
 Cooper ordered himself a giant pizza and then sat away from all of us because he's his own man.
 Always classy.
 They went to the pool before bed and then hit it again before breakfast, natch.

 We made one more fun stop for a late lunch at a pizza place we love

And then!  We were HOME.  Just in time for Ben to go to work for 8 hours and leave me with all of the luggage to deal with.  Gah.

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